On Intuition — revisited

If you’ve not read my initial story on this topic, you might want to check it out.

It’s known that evolution is a biological and physiological fact. It’s happening now all over the planet. If you don’t believe me, google the impacts of climate change on ecosystems of the planet.

The truth revealed here is the concept of noted author, Mr Charles Darwin in his book, Origin of the Species. The concept simply stated is that all beings seek to survive in their natural habitat. Or put another way, it’s survival of the fittest.

This applies to all species of living beings in their given natural habitat.

Polar Bears have lots of fur, cheetahs run real fast and lions roar, real loud. I could go on but you get the point.

When it comes to the human species, our evolution as humans continues daily and has been since the dawn of time. You’ve heard the term ‘alpha male’? It’s as common to wildlife as human life. Man has evolved and continues to do so. Not only in a physical sense but also in a mental and spiritual dimension as well. There are those who will point to the COVID 19 pandemic as further evidence of this ‘natural selection’.

I would also suggest there is another element of this selection which might not be as readily apparent and maybe not as easily measured.

That is the topic of ‘acting’ upon intuition. You’ve heard the term Deja Vu? Google it and draw your own conclusions. My belief is there are those individuals who have a highly developed sense of self-awareness as well as awareness of the environment they live in from day to day. This ability has allowed them to reach their full potential as humans. Think of the ‘Peter Prinicpal’

I’ll take this further to suggest these individuals live a more evolved and higher plain of existence. It’s known from studies by psychatrist and psychologist, that 93 percent of communication is non-verbal. If someone is uncomfortable in a situation or being challenged, they will cross their arms or raise their voice as demonstration of a defense mechanism.

If you have fear in a situation you will retreat or attack. These truths are evident and if anyone is an observer of their environment they will know these things to be true. Talk to a top performing Realtor. If they have a couple as clients and they are seeing homes, there is communication going on about that decision. The couple may not agree on every topic related to home purchase. In fact I would suggest that one voice might be louder in the convesation or decision than another. A wise and experienced Realtor will recognize this and ‘read’ the signs and signals and navigate the situation to a path of creating a win/win scenario and a happy conclusion, closed sale.

How is it there are some individuals who seem to have a natural ability to do this and there are others who are on the opposite end of the scale and are totally clueless as to the reality of non-verbal communication?

I’ve worked as a Corporate level Recruiter in the Fortune 500 enviroment for over 30 years. If you’re not able to listen and discern the words that come out of a candidate or Hiring Managers mouth, you’re not going to hire many people or cash many checks.

To take this a step further, I believe this ability is something we are all capable of. It’s part of the DNA we inherit. Is it part of the human genome? Who knows. I do believe that an individuals ability to pay attention to that sense, feeling, vibe or what ever you want to call it is inherit in how that individual has evolved and what level they have evolved to.

There is a interview and selection process that has become prevelant in todays world. It’s called ‘Behavior Based Interviewing. The concept is simple ‘the best predictor of future behavior, is past behavior’. It’s become quite common place today to expereince a job interview in an environment where the interviewer will ask a candidate to tell a story about a specific experience they’ve had. For instance: Have you ever had a disagreement with a co-worker and if so, how did you resolve it?

It’s a known truth, none of us are going to have perfect harmony with our all of our co-workers, there will be problems. The question is, how does a person solve those problems? If the response is something along the lines of ‘well, most people just don’t understand that I see things in a better way than most others and if they would just see things my way, everything would be better’.

Employers are looking for individuals who can work in a team, get along with each other, resolve conflicts and solve problems. It creates a positive work environment. People want to work with a company that can offer them that a positive and stable environment in which they can work and grow. Company’s want to retain the talent they have invested in for the long term. Retaining talented people for long periods of time allows Corporations to remain stable, productive, efficient and profitable. It keeps the balance sheet looking healthy the revenue and profits in alignment and the stockholders happy. Who knows, they may even make the coveted list of ‘Top Employers’.

How many times have you been in the showroom of an auto dealership looking for a vehicle? Have you gotten to the point of making a choice with a salesperson and all of a sudden, the conversation becomes akward and uncomfortable? The person across from you might be well dressed, attractive and articulate but there is something going on in your exchange you cannot quite put your finger on. You have a choice, you can continue to let this salesperson lead you in the direction ‘they’ want it to go. Or you can put on the breaks and say ‘stop’.

Why do you think companies like Car Max and Carvana exist? The idea is ‘no haggle pricing’. This current generation has learned and evolved enough to walk away from high pressure sales tactics.

Let’s talk about relationships. How many times have you met someone for the first time and everything you are hearing and seeing is just too good to be true? Most of the time it is. Humans are faulty creatures and some of us are very poorly made.

Over a period of time, those negative attributes reveal themseleves. You learn their enjoyment of a glass or two of wine over dinner is not just during weekends. It’s during the week and after work. It’s gone on so long, it’s something they are not aware is a problem or they choose to deny it as one.

If you go out on that first date and you see this person getting happier as the wine pours it might not be a concern. If the second or third date reveals the same behavior, you better be paying attention.

Some people are strangers to the truth. They can’t tell the truth about themseleves or their enviroment because they simply don’t know what is true or how to discern good from bad. Yes, they know that speeding has it’s consequences. Some examples I could site are obvious. When you abuse a substance , it’s usally the substance that wins. Tell everyone around you lies, you become labeled as untrustworthy. It doesn’t take a detective to descern a liar in short order. Some people have agendas. Sadly, the motivation of most people is self gratification. There are those whose primary objective is to take care of themselves and this is often at the expense of others. The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be. The ability to recognize the behaviors of this personality type is an ability or skill that is worthy of being developed.

I’m not suggesting that everyone has an evil or self serving agenda. However, if you look at and examie an individuals behavior, it will speak volumes more than their words alone. As the saying goes ‘what your doing speaks so much louder than what you are saying.’

Where it becomes more of a challenges is when the lie has an element of truth blended in. There are those individuals who are highly practiced at the art of deception. They are called con’s. they exist in all levels of our life. It’s so sad when a natural disaster occurs and you learn of unsuspecting and aged people being victimized. I reminded of times when Hurricanes have impacted hundreds and thousands of individuals and so many become homeless. There will always be those stories of people who were sold something by a shady building Contractor or didn't read the contract fully or or were simply not discerning enought of the peson or siutation to know they were being scammed. Sometimes for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Take for instance the Bernie Madoff, ponzi scheme. Here is an example of intelligent, educated and well to do individuals bilked out of massive amounts of money. His two sons ultimately went to authorities and told them of their fathers confession of the scheme, the told them ‘it’s one big lie’. The lie had the fatal recipe for deceit. A scoop of truth, a dash of deception a pinch of improper add a cup of corrupt and you have rceipe for personal financial disaster for the unsuspecting.

In all the above scenarios I have sited we as individuals have choices regarding how we choosed to deal with them. We can pay attention to that ‘still small voice’ or not. We can ignore those signals we’ve seen before and risk suffering the consequences. Hopefully we are learning every day and getting smarter every day. Wisdom is learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others.

If not, we will suffer the consesqunese of our lack of response to someone elses behavior. As humans, we have evolved to a high level. We can control our environement. We can positively impact outcomes to our favor no matter who we are in the hierarchy of our society. No matter our income or social status. We all have the ability to solve problems for favorable long term outcomes.

There are some who suggest those abilities are of a spiritucal nature, you decided. Sometimes that discernment or intuition is of a natiure that you realize is outside yourself.

I will leave that question for you to answer.


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